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  • Halogen 50W
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  • Fluorescent 10W
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Presentation of the project

We realized the website within the framework of Junior Web Award.

Our team

We are the apprentices IT specialists of 2nd year of the School of the Technical Jobs by Porrentruy, attractive town of the canton of Jura.

Group picture

Here are the apprentices what worked in this project.
Top : Marc Borruat, Quentin Singer, Marcio Ferreira, Simon Lièvre
Bottom : Steve Fallet (Professor), Bastien Beuchat, Lucas Bulloni, David Rihs, Quentin Di Meo, Normand Paratte, Pierre-Yves Lachat

Progress of the project

Choice of subject

At begin, the subjects below caught our attention:

  • Swiss history
  • The pollution
  • Bulbs
  • Creation of a generator of HTML / CSS skeleton
As you guessed it, we chose bulbs.

The objectives

Our purpose is to convince our visitors that the incandescent and halogen bulbs are a disaster of the economic point of view and must be replaced.

To replace them, there are two possible choices, fluocompact or LED. Our second objective is to warn our visitors that fluocompact isn't the good choice because not recyclable. Indeed, they contain some mercury, a highly toxic substance.

Our last objective is to motivate our visitors to buy LED. Even if the LED is more expensive in the purchase, they turn out more economic in the long term than fluocompactes. Furthermore, the last generations of LED offer a very good lighting.


To offer an adapted interface to our visitors, we had to define who would be our visitors. To be made, we created three personas.

Download personnas document


For the realization of this site, we divided up the tasks in the following way:

Name Task
Bastien Beuchat Data research and realization of the page 'Calculator'
Quentin Di Meo Realization of comparator pictures
Creation of contents for the homepage
Simon Lièvre Data research and realization of the page 'Calculator'
Picture retouch of certain icons
Marcio Ferreira Realization of comparator pictures
Creation of contents for the project page
Quentin Singer Research and creation of contents for Good to know page
Lucas Bulloni Design and creation of website
Pierre-Yves Lachat Data research and realization of calculator page
Realization of comparator page
Normand Paratte Realization of comparator page
Marc Borruat Realization of comparator page
David Rihs Search and creation of contents of 'Good to know' page

To organize our work, we used Trello.

Trello interface

Photo laboratory

To be able to compare the quality of the lighting of various bulbs, we set up a laboratory of tests. In this laboratory, we staged different objects that we shone with various bulbs. For every tested bulb, we measured the quantity of light with a luxmeter and taken a photo. You can discover photos and result of these tests in our comparator.

Below, two photos stemming from our laboratory.

Photo lab Photo lab


To be able to realize our site, we used the languages already studied at the school as well as the new languages as the PHP. List of the used languages:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
We also used some librairies and plugins: The images which we used are royalty-free. We found and bought the images on the following sites: We also use Subversion as SVN client.